On December 15 and 16 2010 my soccer team(the crazy navy ninja ladies) had a soccer tournament. Our first game was at 8:30 in the morning. It was so so so so cold!!!!!!!!!!!!! The ground was very very slipperey!! I slipped so many times and I hurt my butt. But we still won the game. Our next game was later that afternoon at 2:00. My friend Claire invited me to go to BODOS bagels for lunch. I got a everything bagel with humus, Claire got a plane bagel with chicken salad. I tryed some of it, it was good. Claire tryed some of mine and she said "That she was going to get that type of bagle." The next game we played we won again and it was exciting because we got into semi finals placed second. How they decide to pair the games I don't know. They paired the first place with fourth place and second with third, but I am glad they paired it that way because the first place team would have creamed us but we won the semi finals so we were in the finals:):) Before the finals Kate, India, and I went to Panara. (a sandwich soup shop.) After that we went to the game. They were a hard competition. We lost, but we still got a medal for coming in second.