Student Learning

At school we do wikis and it can be helpful in learning because someone might be really interested in one thing and you in another so if you put it on your wiki or something like that then everybody can learn about that and you can learn about what someone else knows a lot about.

It can also be fun because sometimes you just look at videos but some videos are not all fun and games. There can be educational ones, because on the LED wiki there are a lot of really cool but educational videos on there like the one on how to use a bread board and how to not make a LED light explode.

We also work on kid blog and on kid blog we comment on people in Colorado and it is really fun so here is a link to them: Ms.DeSelm's class. Once we scyped them and that was really fun, but we didn't get to see them because it was not working very well, but it was still a lot of fun. We also comment on our friend's blogs instead of telling them in person because then other people get to know what we think and we get to see what they think.

Sometimes we blog about places we go or Dreams we have but it is all a lot of fun because we get to know what goes on in Colorado, for example.

Sometimes people think there is no real value in blogging or doing wikis because sometime people just goof off and watch videos and I agree that has no point, but you could write about the videos on a page or something like that.

You can pretty much write and do any thing on a wiki or blog because you can write about when you got 2nd in a Soccer tournament or the time you got H1N1 on Halloween or you can write a movie review. You can write any thing that just pops up in your head and see how people think of it.

Sometimes on your wiki you can just make an opinion poll and see who likes what.

What I am saying is that you will learn pretty much no matter what--you just have to explore with things. So Wikis and Blogs are all your choice.